Barbed Wire Art

Three Farmers custom makes a range of sculptures using recycled rusty barbed fencing wire.  All of the items are suitable for use in outdoor entertainment areas, as garden features or as interior decorator items.


Barbed Wire Balls (not currently available)

The standard set of three round balls have approximate circumferences of 120cm, 150cm and 220cm (this gives approximate heights of 40cm, 55cm and 70cm) and are $700.

Barbed Wire Wreaths

Made from barbed wire and old horseshoes, these wreaths come in three sizes – small $80 each (8 horseshoes), medium $100 each (12 horseshoes) and large $120 each (16 horseshoes).

Ringlock wire light shades

Ringlock wire light shades are made from rusty ringlock wire. Great for outdoor use hanging on your verandah, in your patio or even hanging from a tree in your garden, they look fantastic entwined with solar fairy lights.  Alternatively, get your electrician to wire in a globe and you have a feature light suitable for use indoors or outdoors. These light shades are made to order and can be customised by height and width. A standard 5-line ringlock light shade (as pictured below) is $250 and includes the hanging hook.

Barbed Wire Hearts

Hearts on stalks and small hearts as hanging ornaments are $10 each. Ideas for their use range from featuring in garden beds or in pot plants; hanging on interior walls; or table centre decorations at weddings or other celebrations.

The large hearts, which look fantastic hanging against corrugated iron, old red brickwork, interior walls or over fireplaces, are custom made depending on the size required (cost calculated at time of order).

Barbed Wire Balloons

Balloons are $10 each or $25 for a set of three (varying height & size).

Barbed Wire Reeds & Bottle Brushes

Reeds are $15 each or $40 for a set of three (varying height).

Bottle brushes are $10 each or $25 for a set of three.

Please Note:

The prices outlined above are effective from 1 August 2016.

On all our items freight or postage, if required, is an additional cost.

Some of our barbed wire items are too large (once packaged) to be sent via Australia Post. We can provide you with a freight costing at time of enquiry or you are welcome to make your own freight arrangements (we can provide weight & dimension details to assist with this) provided the company can collect from us or has a depot in our nearest town, Bendigo.

For all orders for barbed wire balls where freight is required, a $60 packaging fee is also applicable.

If you are interested in barbed wire balls that are larger than we make them, please contact us and we can provide you with contact details for another business which makes them above this size.