head reisi ….. that’s Estonian for happy travelling!

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Around the farm

Heleen & Kuldar

Sometimes it is helpful to have an extra pair of hands around the place. You know, to help with all those jobs you have on the list that you would like to get done but don’t get done because there is always something more urgent to attend to, jobs which take priority when there is limited time or simply not enough hands to help.  At Lucerne Grove the list of such jobs is extensive!

A while ago a conversation with friends of ours who are dairy farmers at Dingee gave us the confidence to place an ad on Gumtree for a short term farm worker. That ad resulted in a young Irish guy from Dublin, Niall, working for us for three months earlier this year. When Niall left us he went to New Zealand to continue his world adventure with plans to return to Australia when his second year visa comes through.  (For those that aren’t aware of this program, travellers who come to Australia on a 12 month Working Holiday Visa can, by doing 3 months work in regional Australia (in certain postcode areas & in particular industries/occupations), apply to extend their visa by a further twelve months.)

A short time after Niall left, we decided to place another ad on Gumtree, which resulted in the arrival of the Estonian contingent. Heleen and Kuldar had only been in Australia a couple of months when they responded to our ad, keen to get their regional work completed early in their travels.

Apart from helping us with general farm duties such as spraying burrs, feeding sheep & cattle, weighing lambs, working in the shearing shed, fencing and cutting firewood we have crossed off a number of those other hard-to-find-time-for jobs on the list – cutting up trees which have fallen on fence lines, patching the floor of the truck, putting a new window in a shed wall, re-attaching shed spouting, putting the new walls on the shipping container and getting it up on stumps, the list goes on. Much welcomed wet weather allowed us all to work on cleaning up & clearing out two sheds. Three tip runs later new shelving has been installed and every poly pipe fitting at our place is now sorted into a labelled drum, no longer threatening a rolled ankle every time you walk through the shed door. In fact now you can actually see the floor in these sheds!

A few weeks into their stay with us Heleen and I were working together and sharing stories about Australia and Estonia when Heleen commented that her grandfather always used to say that you learned something new each day. It’s fair to say that while Heleen and Kuldar have been with us we have not only learned about a country we had heard of but never met anyone from, but we have made some wonderful new friends.

Heleen and Kuldar leave us tomorrow, heading to Tasmania to continue their Australian adventure. We wish them all the best for their travels, or as they say in Estonian head reisi.